The NY State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP) is an important policy guide for addressing the future of species whose populations are declining to critically low levels due to human activity, industrial operations, climate change, invasive species and shifts in natural habitats across the State.  

The  SWAP (2015), assessed 597 species state-wide and designated 366 species as "Species of Greatest Conservation Need." 166 of these species were also considered to be High Priority Species, meaning their population levels are or will soon become critically low if the trends and threat severity continue without intervention.  Many of these species breed or spend a portion of their lives in and around Long Island and unfortunately, are of great commercial value. They all need our help to survive. 

This site, created by Group for the East End, is intended to raise awareness about the challenges facing our State's wildlife and focus attention on the State's primary management goals, which include the protection and restoration of habitats, and the restoration of declining wildlife populations on Long Island. We aim to inspire individual action, private and governmental cooperation, innovative management and restoration projects, and an appreciation for the remarkable and vulnerable wildlife diversity that we have enjoyed and relied upon for centuries. 

Take a few minutes to explore and learn more about the NY State Wildlife Action Plan, its goals, and the wildlife and habitats it aims to protect. 

Focus Long Island: Restoring wildlife for generations to come


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