​Red fox (Vulpes vulpes)

Group for the East End has made a 45-year commitment to the protection and restoration of local wildlife populations. The NYS Wildlife Action Plan is a powerful resource and sobering reminder of just how many local wildlife species are currently experiencing a decline in population and even local extinction. Once we read the plan, we felt an obligation to raise awareness about the plight of our local wildlife and educate others about the issue. More importantly, we are working to teach others what they can do to help restore the local wildlife populations that enrich our lives and in many cases, have substantial economic value for our region.

We Are Working Together... 

​Founded: 1972

President: Robert S. DeLuca 


Mission: Group for the East End protects and restores the environment of eastern Long Island, New York through professional advocacy and education. We inspire people to embrace a conservation ethic and to take action in their local community.

Contact: (631) 765-6450  info@eastendenvironment.org 

Harbor seal (Phoca vitulina)​

Who We Are...

With the help of the Long Island Community Foundation, we have been able to launch this site and begin a campaign to educate the public about local wildlife populations. The goal is to aid people in better understanding how to help and live in peace with our native wildlife species.

The Department of Environmental Conservation pointed out the need for better local involvement during their outreach process on the New York State Wildlife Action Plan. Group for the East End agreed to be a local assistant in getting the message out, as well as working on species recovery and habitat restoration projects. 

In addition to the Group's outreach work, dozens of organizations, government agencies, civic institutions, and others are working to implement and educate the findings and recommendations of the New York State Wildlife Action Plan. 

What We’re Doing about Preserving Wildlife...

Spotted turtle (Clemmys guttata)