"High Priority Species of Greatest Conservation Need" 

‚ÄčAmerican black duck (Anas rubripes)

Many more...

The NY State Wildlife Action Plan classified 166 species as "High Priority Species of Greatest Conservation Need." These New York populations are on the decline, vulnerable to threats such as development, pollution, and climate change, and will likely reach critically low levels if efforts are not taken to protect them. 

55 of these high priority species are native to Long Island. We cannot imagine them disappearing from the many ecosystems existing here.  From piping plovers to rougtail stingrays, Long Island is an ideal habitat for a wide variety of wildlife throughout land and marine environments. 

Below, you can learn about a few of the many high-priority animals that call Long Island home. 

Long Island is home to or provides important seasonal habitat for many other at-risk species, such as the Mud turtle, American black duck, Woodland box turtle, American eel, Fin whale, Kemp's ridley turtle, Loggerhead turtle, Eastern scallop, Hard clam, and Blue whale. 

To learn more about these animals, visit the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation website.  


Piping Plover (charadrius melodus)