Horseshoe Crab Monitoring 

Cornell University Cooperative Extension’s Marine Program and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation developed and organized the Horseshoe Crab Monitoring Project. The goal is to get participants involved in the annual horseshoe crab monitoring program on beaches throughout New York’s Marine District. Participants aid in the collection of scientific data that is used to assess the status of Horseshoe crabs in NY State and determine the management and conservation of this State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP) High Priority Species of Greatest Conservation Need. 

Volunteers assist in the collection of data on Horseshoe crab spawning abundance, size, sex and tag returns. These events occur around full and new moon evenings from May to July with the help of trained site coordinators across Long Island. Here is a copy of the recent NY Horseshoe crab Final Report. The NYS Horseshoe Crab Monitoring Program is one of many projects that focuses on the restoration and care of a species on the SWAP list of High Priority Species of Greatest Conservation Need.  

​Horseshoe crab (Limulus polyphemus)